Życzenia wielkanocne po angielsku

Chocolate bunnies, colored eggs and whole lotta fun...
That’s what Easter and it’s merry-making is all about!
Have an egg-cellent, eggstra-hoppy Easter!
Easter is a time of love,
of family, and of peace.
 It is a time when we say
a quiet thanks for all
that we have and for all
that the future holds.
May you meet every challenge you are faced with,
recognize every golden opportunity,
and be blessed with the knowledge
that you have the ability to make every day special.
May you have enough material wealth
to meet your needs,
while never forgetting that the real treasures of life
are the loved ones and friends
who are invaluable to the end.
It's wonderful to see the signs
of Easter time and spring...
It's wonderful to know the joy
a time like this can bring...
And it's wonderful to have someone
who means as much as you
To think about and care about
and send these wishes to!!!
Like gentle spring breezes...
Thoughts of you at Easter
bring a special kind
of happiness to my heart.
Happy Easter
May you find happiness
in every direction your paths take you.
May you never lose your sense of wonder,
and may you hold your sense of humor
you use to brighten the lives
of everyone who know you.
May you keep on trying to reach for your stars.
May you never forget how wonderful you are.

These Happy Easter wishes
Are especially for you;
A great big hug & a few light kisses
Thrown in for good measure too.
Have a super holiday
And know that I'm thinking of you;
Because you're especially nice to know,
And because I just wanted to !

Happy Easter !!

Easter’s here with its springtime joy and cheer!
Cherish the beautiful Spring season with the brightest blossoms
in your life and convey your feelings to loved ones
with bunch of our Easter wishes.

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Wtorek, 19 Marca 2019 roku.

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Bogdan, Józef

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Alleluia! Easter’s here with all it’s merry-making!
Celebrate Spring with your near-n-dear
and have a fun-filled time with Easter bunnies,
jellybeans and colorful eggs.
Wish everyone you know a Happy Easter!


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W dniu Twojego Święta
Życzę Ci SZCZĘSCIA, bo:
szczęście to uśmiech, który rozwesela,
szczęście to mieć przyjaciela,
szczęście to śpiew i muzyka
szczęście to umieć patrzeć i dotykać,
szczęście to o smutkach nie pamiętać.